Talleres Clemente has a powerful Production Technical Office, equipped with modern tools of design and calculation in 2D and 3D with which carries out the design of new products, enhancement, improvement and innovation of existing products and process optimization production.

This generates complete Technical Office projects that manufacture machines, groups of machines and complete lines. And designing reconstruction projects, improvement and adaptation of production machinery to which it is intended.

It also develops technical solutions for the adequacy of existing machinery with official regulations.

The Technical Office is also responsible for the adaptation of machinery with the lay-out of the site to optimize production and working space. The Department develops detailed graphic documentation that gives agility, adaptability, accuracy and all information necessary for the production of machinery and manages external auxiliary work with companies such as laser cutting, flame cutting, special machining, materials processing, vulcanizates, etc.

Technical Office Talleres Clemente is responsible for quality management and to respond and Technical Assistance Customer thanks to its proximity to production.